Looking for a simple, safe and cost-effective way to move large, heavy loads from your site? GRABIT is the answer.

From crops, trees and vegetation, to rubbish, construction and hard fill waste – you name it, we’ve probably grabbed it! As well as our waste removal services, we can also undertake light demolition and pick-up and relocate large and heavy items.

Each truck can hold up to 30 cubic metres of material and is equipped with a crane and clamshell grab system that has a 10-metre reach and can lift up to four tonnes, and one tonne while fully extended

Our trucks operate throughout the greater Auckland region, and our drivers are skilled at working safely in a variety of different types of site.

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They are excellent, highly skilled operators. On our jobs they have precisely controlled the angle, flow rate and placement of the material where it was required. Using a single truck for delivery and placement on site saved considerable time and money.

Bruce Grant
Jag Consultants